On the 3rd December, 2018.  Staff and students of Michael and Cecilia Ibru University (MCIU) were exposed to the technicalities of the webometrics ranking of universities.The one day training workshop which centered on the causes, implications and the pathway forward for MCIU was presented by the Acting Deputy Librarian, Mr. Isaac Echezonam Anyira.

Mr Isaac Anyira highlighting the importance of webometrics ranking


The Acting Deputy Librarian explained that it is compulsory for scholars, researchers, administrators and academicians to know that the worldwide web (www) is one of the major sources of information and the main showcase for every institution, business enterprise or organization that wants to be recognized globally. Worldwide web by scholars is not only a tool for scholarly communication but it is also a means to reach larger audience and in general a reflection of the performance of the institution.


Vice Chancellor Prof. Ibiyinka Fuwape elaborates more on the webometrics methodology


The Web can be used to attract students, scholars and funding from other places, spreading the prestige of these educational institutions all over the world. One of the causes of low webometrics ranking is certain institutional and individual imperatives that are neglected this in turn leads to low self-esteem among staff of the university. One of the objectives of the webometrics ranking is to promote open access initiatives for increasing significantly the transfer of scientific and cultural knowledge generated by the university to the whole society

According to Aguilo et.al. Universities are ranked using four basic parameters namely

  • The number of pages linking to the university web pages which represent visibility.
  • Number of web pages on university website representing size of the university web
  • Number of published rich files in Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Postscript, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint formats representing the number of educational materials that the university publishes
  • Number of scientific papers indexed by Google Scholar representing university scientific production/publications


Cross section of MCIU students at the seminar


An attentive MCIU student at the seminar


One of the ways forward in improving a university global ranking is synergy between the institution and staff members and also the university should provide a strong ICT Infrastructure (hardware, software, peopleware, internet bandwidth) and encourage the effective utilization of web services by staff. Also Institutions should have better policy issues, administrative issues, and visibility. There is also the need for rich files content publication to help in developing and improving university ranking.

The seminar came to an end with everyone having a better understanding of what needs to be done in order to achieve our dream of becoming a world class institution.


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