Survival of the fittest: MCIU VS MCFDS

Survival of the fittest: MCIU VS MCFDS

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 was an exciting day of football as the Staff of MCIU took on the Staff of Michael and Cecilia Foundation Demonstration Schools at the school’s football field in Agbarha-otor.
It was a thrilling match as students and staff from both University and Demonstration School came out en masse to support their teams.

The match kicked off at 4:00 pm (WAT). The MCFDS team had several chances in the first half and struck the woodwork thrice sending the MCIU goalkeeper swinging in all directions. The MCIU team did little to trouble the MCFDS defence in the first half

Michael and Cecilia Foundation Demonstration School Staff Team

The referee blew the whistle for half time and the coaches of both teams had pep talks with their players. The DJ dropped some beats that had the spectators dancing during the halftime break.
The second half kicked off and the MCIU team returned with new life and had two clear chances through Emmanuel Aregbor but were unable to make use of their opportunities as the MCFDS team put up a robust defence.

Michael and Cecilia Ibru University Staff Team

The match ended in a goalless draw. It was a fierce game of football.


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Agbarha – Otor
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