Motivation, the desire to push on leads to success. The reward for hard work is more work.

These were the words of the Pro-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Gbewa Hugbo at the just concluded staff training seminar on the 24th of January, 2019.

The seminar was declared open by the Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Ibiyinka Fuwape. The Pro-Chancellor started by admonishing the university management and staff for an excellent job done during the accreditation exercise.

I personally see MCIU as a young university with enormous potentials for greatness. In terms of infrastructure, it has surpassed many private universities and even some public universities that are much older than MCIU.

Pro Chancellor Prof Peter G. Hugbo addressing the staff

I have every reason to believe that the proprietors would build on the existing state of the art facilities on the ground. But the point is that it is not only the quality of infrastructure that determines a university but the content of the university as well. The content is the people who work in the university

When you interpolate Beverly Hartline speech of an outstanding young university and my idea of a university with enormous potentials for greatness the issue that comes to mind is how we can move the university from being outstandingly young to an envisage greatness.

While the vision and mission of the university may be well grounded, achieving the objectives maybe futile with staff not fully committed to purpose to which they are there or which the university is founded.

Co-Founder Dr Cecilia Ibru

We must be able to cultivate attitude and disposition that will enable us to turn challenges, weakness into opportunities. Not just for the university but also for ourselves.

We all must work hard individually and collectively to cultivate in the rapid growth of MCIU. It is we who make the university and not the parents. The greatness of the university will be determined by how much we put into it.

Staff must be right on their desk to attend to students’ academic challenges and at the same time be engaging in their individual research activities. The university must be seen through an elevated quality of its students and research publications.

In America, Research and Development help their universities rank among the best in the world.

If I didn’t work hard, I wouldn’t have done moderately well. From the University of Benin, I was called upon to become the Dean of Pharmacy in Niger Delta University

Cross session of MCIU staff at the seminar

then to become the Vice-Chancellor of Western Delta University and within four years I was able to make sure fifteen programs were given full accreditation.

It will be wrong to compress a whole semester’s work in one day lecture. As much as possible lectures should be evenly split so that the students would have time assimilate what they have been taught before the next lecture.

Practices that place the children at a disadvantage should be discouraged.

There is a pressing need for all of us from the council to the staff

There ought to be a mutually reciprocal relationship between the employees and MCIU the employer. We must try to build the image and reputation of the university using the facilities provided by the university in order for them to know you

Availability of a wide range of attractive programs together with an ambient learning environment. Hall of residences and other facilities

The ability of the university to reach out to other institutions especially at the international level for joint research and development is of paramount importance this must be factored in the quality of student graduates as adjourned by feedbacks of employers. It is these indicators that are used for ranking of universities in the world.

The seminar came to an end with a renewed commitment from the staff to produce an excellent result through diligence and hard work.

Photo: Feyintola Olasupo


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