Faculty Seminar On Research Methods in Management and Social Sciences

Faculty Seminar On Research Methods in Management and Social Sciences

For a student to write a research project they need to be properly  schooled. So that they can match the pace of their counterparts in other institutions. This was the primary objective of the research methodology seminar, organized by the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences at the power of faith building on the 3rd December,2018 .

The seminar had different researchers with vast experience in research writing. The seminar was put up by the faculty to enlighten the students on the different stages of research writing. We break this stages into the appropriate stage and assigned researchers. That is senior staff that have carried out research in various areas,dimension and published Phd thesis

An active participant taking down key points

Students were taught on how to select a research topic. For a research topic to be chosen, the student must go through knowledge of literature to discover gaps that have not been filled in the area of their interest. It is through the gap they discovered that is going to lead them to logical conclusion this was handled by Prof.Leslie Dabor and Mrs.Bosun Fakunle supported by Dr.I.A Onoyere

Preparation of research proposal was handled by Dr.Banji Oluwoye were the students were thought about research questions, research objectives,hypothesis and scope. Dr.Banji spoke on the empirical and theoretical framework as an integral part of research work . it is an auxiliary to research work in the area of research direction.

MCIU student taking notes

Dr.Frank Ogendegbe spoke on research designs and sampling methods.he elaborate on it as a tool through which the data needed to analyze the variables can be obtained to establish relationship between variables and topic in which research measurement can be obtained. Dr.Mrs.Evelyn Dania did justice to data collection which she describe as type of data such as primary and secondary data, sources of statistical data,data processing and method of data analysis

Students taking notes on clear-cut guides on research writing

The seminar was a pathway to give our students and future researchers a clear cut guide on how to research different topics that would meet up with their peers around the world. At the end of the seminar,students were better informed about the nitty gritties of research writing.


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