Since the establishment of the Michael and Cecilia Ibru University (MCIU) in 2014, the Registry Department was immediately put in place. The Registry was first headed by Elder Johnson A. Okwudei. After few months, he resigned his appointment and a new Registrar was appointed by name Dr. T.N. Kolo, a former Director of Quality Assurance in JAMB. The new Registrar resumed work on 2nd April, 2016 till date.

The Registry is headed by the Registrar who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University. It is divided into five Units namely:

Office of the Registrar
Admissions Unit
Student Affairs
Exams and Records
Human Resources

The Office of the Registrar
  • The Office of the Registrar is currently headed by Dr. T.N. Kolo who coordinates the activities of the Registry Department and handles all administrative matters in the university. The Registrar does the following;
  • Keeps the academic records of all students registered in the University and issue official transcripts and reports of such records;
  • Conducts the registration of all students in the University;
  • Prepare and publish the class and examination schedules; and
  • Administer the faculty regulations relating to the removal of academic deficiencies incurred in the University and in compliance with probation and re-admission requirements.”

As the only official “Office of Records” for students pursuing degrees at MCIU and the only office authorized to issue official transcripts, or to certify the enrolment and attendance of students, the awarding of degrees, and other matters of record, the University Registrar has an important mission in the operation of the University. Our University Registrar has the responsibility to maintain timely and accurate records of the academic progress and accomplishments of its students, while maintaining the privacy and security of those records.

As a central administrative office for the University, the Office of the University Registrar is responsible for scheduling of classes into the space available in the general classroom pool, scheduling students for classes, grade recording, and grade reporting. This office provides data for internal and external reporting, assists schools and departments by furnishing needed data and other services, assists the faculty wherever possible, and renders services to the alumni by providing transcripts and certifications and other records needed.

As a principal administrative officer, the University Registrar assists the chief officers of the institution by providing reports, analyses, and recommendations required for policy formulation. The University Registrar also serves as a policy maker and acts to facilitate and implement institutional policy, providing interpretation and enforcement of policy.

Dedicated to supporting the research mission of the university, the Office of the University Registrar strives to be a leader in the use of the best management techniques, staying on the cutting edge of technology. The office is staffed with highly qualified personnel in all areas who constantly monitor office practices and procedures and recommend changes to ensure the most efficient and prompt service.

Exams and Records

The exams and records Unit is under the office of the Registrar that is charged with the following responsibilities. The unit is in-charge of conducting all examinations in the University. The Unit also performs other essential functions such as, reproduction of examination answer scripts and photocopies of question papers, supply of examination materials, processing of final year results for the Senate and Vice-Chancellor’s approval, handles correspondence with students and parents on result related matters, ensures strict adherence to the rules and regulations governing all examinations, provisions of academic gowns for matriculation and convocation, ensures students with cases of examination malpractices face the Malpractice Committee.

Also, the Unit is responsible for the safekeeping of students’ examination records and ensuring prompt issuance of transcript upon request. It is responsible for issuing statement of result for the purpose of NYSC, scholarship approval and other official request on student academic performance.  Above all, high attention is placed on accuracy of information that emanates from the Unit. Thus, the Unit is headed by administrator of proven track records.

Student Affairs

The student affairs division is headed by the Student Affairs Officer, Mr. Daniel Monday. The office places services to students and faculties. As a primary information resource for students and faculties, this office actively seeks ways to effectively communicate and inform students of their rights, responsibilities and procedures.

As a service oriented office, in addition to providing efficient and immediate access to information, this office facilitates and coordinates activities of students and faculty pertaining to administrative matters. It takes into cognizance the welfare of the students in terms of health facilities, shelter, conducive living and learning environment, ensures students’ compliance with the rules and regulations of the academic community, handles and settles any form of disputes among the students, grants exit permission to students, liaises with Admissions Officer to keep comprehensive data/files of all the students, etc.

It is vested with the responsibility of the issuance of ID cards to the student. It also recommends any student with misdemeanour character for disciplinary action.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Unit is the core of the Registry and is basically concerned with Human Resource Management. The unit is headed by the Human Resources Officer, Mrs. Patricia Onoja.

This Unit is saddled with the responsibility of recruitment/appointment of personnel, promotion of staff, welfare and capacity building, processing of leave, processing of retirement/exit and discipline of erring staff. It also ensures proper establishment and job description for staff members. It handles academic staff matters, administrative and technical staff matters, junior staff matters, staff training and development matters, health and safety matters and pension related issues.

Facility Unit

This unit is headed by the Facility Manager, Mr. K.C. Ayogu. The Unit is charged with the responsibilities of ensuring the maintenance of the all the facilities of the university, such as: the Power of Faith Building, the CBT centres, the MCFDS buildings, MCFCOE buildings, the Administrative Block, Cafeteria, MCF supplies, the Science, Physics and Chemistry Laboratories, etc.

The unit also ensures that the school utility vehicles are always in good working condition, ensures the maintenance of office equipment, electronic appliances. The unit monitors and gives approval before any vehicle is taken out of the university premises. The facility unit inspects the school’s security officers from time to time to ensure effective deliverables. The proper sanitation of the hostels and the academic environment is under the watchful eyes of the facility manager. It ensures that the sports field is properly trimmed for sports activities.


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