Quality Assurance (Non Academics)

Quality Assurance Department of MCIU is primarily established to monitor all the processes and procedures put in place by the authorities of the University to review the quality of academic activities, the soundness of financial operations, the robustness of ICT system and the reliability of procedures to achieve the vision, mission and philosophy of the University.

Therefore, the department documents the quality assurance procedures of the University to:

  1. Instruct and guide the staff and students for qualitative service delivery.
  2. Inform all relevant stakeholders of required controls to be implemented.
  3. Assure quality of products and services.

The department reviews on a consistent basis the details policies, procedures, rules and regulations that are put in place by the management of the University to assure that the quality of the graduates meet the expectations of the Board of Trustee (BOT), Governing Council, the Senate, the University community and other interested stakeholders in line with the vision, mission and philosophy of the University.

he Quality Assurance Department provides the framework for the efficient and effective review of policies, procedures, standards and programmes established for the accomplishment of the vision and mission statement of the University.

The Quality Assurance department works with every department in ensuring strict compliance to set standards in MCIU with the objectives of producing high quality graduates of international standard.

The department takes independent responsibility to monitor the policies and procedures put in place by the authority of the University and continually review the whole system of controls established for the orderly and efficient administration of the University. Thus, Quality assurance shall assist the University to maintain high quality standards and best practice through the support of management using highly trained professionals with multi-disciplinary competences in Academics, Accountancy, Audit, Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Public Health etc. Thus, the department shall adopt a multi-disciplinary approach by engaging specialist from different background to carry out its functions and activities in all departments and Units of the University.

The Quality Assurance Department consists of three major units, which are:

  1. Internal Audit Unit
  2. Internal Control and Compliance Unit
  3. Investigation Unit

The Internal Audit is an appraisal unit in the Quality Assurance department established by the authority of MCIU to evaluate and provide assurance that the operations of the University are carried out within the laid down rules and regulations of the University. It assists to evaluate and test the effectiveness of the whole system of controls put in place by the University authority.

Internal Audit assures that laid down rules, regulations and procedures in all the departments are strictly adhered to. The functions and responsibilities of Internal Audit Unit are as defined by the Internal Audit Charter as approved by the Chairman, Audit committee of Governing Board.

Internal Control and Compliance Unit (ICCU) constantly ensure compliance to the set standards in the whole control systems instituted by the authorities of the University. The staff of ICCU is assigned as Resident Controller for the purpose of enforcing compliance to the set standard of the various units and/or departments in the University. ICCU is also responsible for ensuring day-to-day adherence to the policies, procedures, rules and regulations put in place by the authority of the University.

In summary, the ICCU (as custodians of the set standards) assures compliance to all operational policies, procedures and manuals (guiding the workflow) of all the departments and units of the University.

Investigation Unit is charged with the responsibilities of unraveling (fathom) all the incidences of unethical practices (financial or non-financial) in the University at the directive of the Vice Chancellor and /or the Director, Quality Assurance.

In conclusion, Quality Assurance Department is responsible for achieving the monitoring and evaluation objectives in the University. The findings through application of the set standards, policies, procedures and operational manuals established shall be consistently monitored, appraised and assessed to determine their reliability and effectiveness in making decisions. Quality Assurance Department shall ensure conformance to the best practices and standards.

The vision of Quality Assurance Department is to be:

  1. The informed custodian of policies in the University,
  2. The efficient coordinator of comprehensive program of assessment to ensure that set standards are sustained in the University,
  3. The guarantor of strict compliance with administrative policies and procedures of the University,
  4. The ombudsman for high moral standards in the University for Staff, Students and Other stakeholders,
  5. The watchman for high academic standards in the University.

The mission statement of the Quality Assurance Department is:

  1. Review academic and non-academic records of the University in order to determine its correctness, completeness, accuracy and reliability.
  2. Protect the assets of the University from losses.
  3. Ensure total compliance to the set standards, policies and procedures in the conduct of the business of the University.
  4. Ensure qualified personnel, appropriate technology and tools are deployed.

In carrying out Quality Assurance functions, the following values are imbibed and adhered to by the staff of the department. The values are Professionalism, High sense of judgment, Integrity, fairness, Mutual trust, Openness, Respect, Patience and Independence.

The motto of Quality Assurance Department is “Ensuring Strict Adherence to MCIU Standards”


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