On the 21st of october, 2018. The Association of Certified Chartered Accountant(ACCA) team led by Mr.Patrick Osiegbu and Mr.Andrew Pinnock visited Michael and Cecilia Ibru University to sensitize the students and staff on the enormous benefit of being certified by ACCA.

Co-Founder of MCIU, Dr.Mrs. Cecilia Ibru delivering a pep talk

The Co-Founder of MCIU, Dr.Mrs.Cecilia Ibru gave a brief pep talk on the enormous benefit of being certified by ACCA and what the students stand to gain.



V.C of MCIU, Prof.Ibiyinka Fuwape delivering her opening speech

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof.Ibiyinka Fuwape delivering her opening speech said it was a great privilege to have the ACCA team in our school adding that the partnership between MCIU and ACCA will give our students an edge in the financial world.



Cross section of staff and students

The two day conference tagged “Train the Trainer” exposed our lecturers and students to modern ideas that could be integrated into our accounting curriculum to produce outstanding result.



Mr.Patrick Osiegbu highlighting the benefit of ACCA Certification

Mr.Patrick Osiegbu said the role of the accountant today is beyond is about what you can do with the numbers available to you.

There is a popular saying that for you to become the best you must surround yourself with assets and not liabilities. The Association of Certified Chartered Accountant(ACCA) is  a global professional body of exceptional intellectuals who are committed to changing the world of numbers and alphabets. For you to achieve excellence you must undergo the test of being refined and schooled by those who have gone through the same road to greatness.

The benefit of being certified by the ACCA is unquantifiable, it broadens the scope of thinking and keeps individuals abreast of the current trends in the world of business and accounting.

No company can become a success without a brilliant team of accountants. An intelligent accountant should be able to tell when a company is making positive or negative growth, when to lease or when to buy or float an IPO . ACCA involves alot of role playing you are thought real life situations where your quick response is key to solving real life situations. This was one of the reason Michael and Cecilia Ibru University signed a Memorandum of University with ACCA to prepare our students for the future with the required skills to handle the labour market.

The flexibility of ACCA makes it attractive for prospective students and members . It’s efficiency in analysing, evaluating, concluding and reporting on the assurance engagement and other audit and assurance issues in the context of best practice and current developments.



Mr.Andrew Pinnock speaking on synergy values of management

Mr.Andrew Pinnock listed out the modules that is required to be certified. Courses from Inventory Management,Capital work Management,Financial Management . Questions were asked by students and lecturers to give them a better perspective of the benefit of ACCA.



Dr.Olowoyo Banji Jacobs asking the ACCA team some questions



Cross Section of Students fully attentive

The training ended with the renewed commitment of both MCIU and ACCA towards producing world class accountants who are on a quest for excellence by acquiring knowledge to alleviating poverty because behind every successful business is a great accountant.


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Agbarha – Otor
Ughelli North
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