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Conflict Resolution Talk Show

Conflict Resolution Talk Show

On Saturday, 20th May, 2017 the university organized a Talk Show on Conflict Resolution. The programme was initiated and anchored by the university Director of Academic Planning, Deacon (Dr.) Daniel D. Whawo. He selected the students who made their different brilliant contributions on the topic. The following are synopses of what they discussed.

What is peace? By Gideon Ayorinde

Peace is calmness, tranquility, a state of rest, harmony and absence of war. Peace is very important; we should live in peace with everyone. We need peace of mind to achieve anything in life. Conflict is unavoidable though, but we must strive to live in peace at all times.

Dr. Whawo and the students (discussants)
Cost of Conflict by Precious Chiegeiro

Conflict is very costly, it brings about war. When it happens, it comes with loss of precious lives and properties, vandalization of oil facilities resulting in oil spillage. Pains of reconstruction after conflict, causes fear and suspicion, causes enmity if conflict is not resolved. Conflict is not worth our experience, we have to avoid it as much as possible.

How can peace lead to unity? By Madogwe Uriarin

Peace and tranquility is the substance we cannot over look, peace brings about love. For us to be united, we must learn to accept each other the way they are. Another point is understanding, which is the no.1 key in everything. If we must succeed, we must learn to be united. ‘Sense of brotherhood’, for us to be united, we must be our brother’s keeper. And not forgetting another point, which is forgiveness.Another important function is commitment; we must all be committed and agree not to disagree.

Urinrin Madogwe (middle) making his points
Dr Cecilia Ibru addressing the audience
VC, Prof Ibiyinka Fuwape addressing the audience

Effect of peace by Gideon Ayorinde.

End to war, one of the effects of peace is development, building of infrastructure i.e. roads, companies etc. it also brings about empowerment and advancement, it enhances recognition, if there is peace in a particular community, such community will be recognized. Another effect is security; it shines the light of God on its people, putting an end to global terrorism, fear, corruption and underdevelopment.

From the left: PRO Festus Anyasi, VC, Dr Cecilia Ibru & Dr. Daniel Whawo
The concept of development by Alex Itejere

Development is the state of growth, improvement in a way of managing our natural resources. We must ensure development equality with each other. Ensuring that people are educated for development and human security. If there is war, there will be no room for development. Capitalistic development which has to do with giving men all he needs to survive.

How does peace influence development? By Queen Shimfe

Economic growth – increase in the national output, it enhances the standard of living and employment. Peace brings about development.

Education – it is the right of every humans, right which should be provided for all. With education we can get employment and develop our communities. There is no peace without development, and there no development without peace.


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