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Information Technology (IT) Center

The information technology directorate operates with the vision “to transform the University into an automated work environment that embraces the important technologies, communication and collaboration in providing modern learning experience to staff, student and other stakeholders which is God – centered using appropriate digital technologies.

In line with this vision, our mission is to provide, coordinate and facilitate the use of technology and information resources to the satisfaction of the staff, students of the University and its stakeholders.

We can be reached via email at

The Directorate consists of the following units;

  1. IT services / department
  2. Training department

Among services the information technology directorate provides are;

  1. Specialized Training for executives, teacher’s information technology competency program and advanced specialized information technology training.
  2. Computer based testing (CBT)

The MCIU information technology directorate’s infrastructure is high end staffed by individuals of international academic and professional standards plus impeccable moral track records recruited nationally from the diaspora and across borders. Pictured below are some of our infrastructures like the personal computers (PC), nano PCs, CBT centers, e-library and data center.


Ibru Village
Agbarha – Otor
Ughelli North
Delta State