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Health Services

At Michael and Cecilia Ibru University, aside academics, the students healthcare is our major priority (i.e. their state of physical and mental well-being), ensuring that they are physically sound and mentally balanced at all times. The medical state of our students is very important.

The university has an in-house ‘Sick bay’ where students with minor ailments such as: tiredness, restlessness, slight headache, etc. are being promptly attended to by the Chief Matron of the University and her assistant.

Whenever a student is admitted at the Sick Bay, the nurses diagnose the signs of such students, before presenting them at the Ibru Clinic laboratory (where necessary) for lab tests in order to know the type of ailment such student is suffering from, and the type of drugs to administer. After the administering of drugs to the sick students, the nurses usually commit them totally to the hands of the Almighty God for healing. To the glory of God, since the inception of the university a year ago, God has really been our major guide, as the nurses administer medications to the students and staff alike, bearing in mind that, WE CARE, GOD CURES.

Therefore, immediately a student is admitted at the university, a comprehensive medical report is carried out on such students at the Ibru Clinic, so as to be well informed of each of the student’s health status/challenges (if any). The Ibru Clinic is within the university community (along Ibru House Road), not far away from the university premises.

The next line of action of the university is to build a big medical center where a medical doctor would be employed for better and comprehensive services.


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