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Category: GeneralN/A: International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

N/A: International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
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Category: General10:00 am: FNAS 2nd Biannual Faculty Seminar

10:00 am: FNAS 2nd Biannual Faculty Seminar
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The students’ hostel goes for a five star hotel according to the facilities. The beds and beddings, furniture, air conditioners, in short all facilities are of high quality and of international standard. The environment is serene and green. There are also facilities for recreation in the students centre situated in the hall of residence. Apart from the availability of laundry services, facilities are made available for students who wants to do their laundries themselves. Provisions are made for reading room, ironing room e.t.c in the hostel. Also, 24 X 7 constant power supply provision is in place.

MCIU provides full residential amenities for all students to ensure that they live a life of dignity which is void of unnecessary challenges. The Students Affairs’ Department handles the allocation of students into the Halls of Residence. At the moment, MCIU Halls of Residence can conveniently accommodate about 400 students. More buildings are coming up and are nearing completion to accommodate about 400 more students.  MCIU has the plan of building more of the hostels to accommodate more students as the need arises. In each of the Halls of Residence, there are spaces such as Common Rooms, Student Centres, Beauty Salons, Hall Offices and Administrative Offices.

In each of the Halls of Residence, there are Hall officers who assist to maintain law and order. They also provide advise and counseling to the students. The Hall Officers are well supported by Hall Assistants. Our Hall allocation formula is not only gender sensitive, but it is also geared towards the required Excellence in Academics and Character. To this end, the Department ensures that allocation takes into cognizance:

  • The courses offered by students assigned to specific halls, wings, floors and rooms.
  •  The character and core-value alignment of each student – to forestall the pairing of two students with conflicting character.
  •  The University’s drive for good peer mentorship and academic advising.


Ibru Village
Agbarha – Otor
Ughelli North
Delta State