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Quality Assurance (Academics)

Michael and Cecilia Ibru University is one institution that has strategically positioned herself for high quality performance of both staff and students, going by the caliber of human and infrastructural resources, second to none, that are currently on ground.

MCIU recognizes the fact that knowledge is dynamic, and to brace up with this spirit of dynamism, she has given research its pride of place in every aspect of her endeavours.

With  a well-planned out and carefully packaged framework of an international University, research, which is one of the tripartite functions of a university, in addition to teaching and community service, has been made one of the main bedrocks of the university’s Master Plan. This is in recognition of the belief of MCIU that:

“…… in the modern world in which knowledge grows at an exponential rate, the relevance of a University is often judged in part by the quantum, quality and applicability of its research output ……..”
(Academic Brief, 2015)

Furthermore, MCIU has her own Research Philosophy:

“To carry out co-ordinated, purpose-driven, proactive and problem-solving research on a sustained basis that will generate new knowledge as well as solve societal problems.”

To this end, MCIU has put the necessary machinery in place to facilitate the publication of the research results of staff and students in the best possible media and is also poised to undertake academic publishing as an important function.

With this in mind, she hopes:

“to promote research that will have carry-over values into teaching and have relevance to the aspirations and developmental needs of the society.”(Academic Brief, 2015)


Concern for quality education has been in the front burner in educational discourse in Nigeria. This concern stemmed from the persistent low performances in public examinations as well as the turn-out of low quality graduates at all levels of the education system (NCCE, 2012).

The Michael and Cecilia Foundation: the MCF Demonstration Schools, MCF College of Education, Michael and Cecilia Ibru University (MCIU), has carefully packaged in her Master Plan, a deep-rooted mechanism to address the afore-mentioned concern for quality education. This, in itself is a big plus for her, as no academic institution in the country, apart from the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), Abuja, utilizes this in-built mechanism: having A Quality Assurance Unit, solely saddled with the responsibility of maintaining quality or standard cutting across both staff and students. According to the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE):

“The Quality Assurance Strategy has the unique features of addressing comprehensively, the various factors that may affect the ‘school life’ of an institution and especially those factors that may have a bearing on Quality OUTPUT from the system. Quality Assurance addresses the input and transaction variables of an educational setting in a fairly objective manner ……..”

Besides, the MCF has wisely employed the services of a professional, a consultant-Evaluator, Dr. Ishola, P.L., to be the Director of this unit, for close monitoring of standard systematically and thereby ensuring quality consistency in the teaching and learning processes involving both staff and students.


Ibru Village
Agbarha – Otor
Ughelli North
Delta State